First post, and a brief intro

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’d been hinting at this for a while now on my Twitter, but I’ve decided to start a blog. This is a space for things I’d like to have more than 280 characters for. Most of my posts here will be about music, specifically K-Pop and metal. I’ll probably end up posting a lot of other things, though, like math (I just learned WordPress has improved its \LaTeX support, yay!), art, poetry, music, basketball, and miscellaneous rants. Basically, this will be my Twitter, but more verbose, and deader.


About me

I’ve had my fair share of aliases, but these days I tend to go by X^{**}. In mathematics, this is the double dual space of the vector space X. What that is, I might explain in greater detail if I’m not feeling too lazy.

Anyway, I’m a mathematics grad student and teacher in my late 20s. I listen to a lot of music, but these days my attention is mostly on K-Pop and most subgenres of metal (except perhaps funeral doom and drone, as I have little patience for them). Some of my favorite musical acts are Dreamcatcher, Madder Mortem, My Chemical Romance, Riverside, Spawn of Possession, Dodecahedron, Nevermore, and Symphony X, among many, many others. I mess around on the guitar and keyboards a bit, and like to do ill-advised karaoke to songs I have no business even attempting to sing. Rest assured, an actual release is probably years away. Or not.

I’ve also been playing Pokémon most of my life. My favorites are (Mega) Houndoom and Jigglypuff. Others I love, in no particular order: Mismagius, Honchkrow, Escavalier, Joltik, Roserade, Aegislash, Haxorus, Cinccino, and yes, Corviknight (despite it not having been released yet).

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “First post, and a brief intro

    1. You’re welcome, and thank you very much for the enthusiasm! I’m a bit busy as I work full-time and this is my diversion from my main diversion but hopefully I’ll be able to put out decent content!

      Also, I am now reading your poetry with great interest. o3o


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